Matching consumer needs with services

Stuck with a leaky pipe or an exposed electric wire that needs fixing? The conventional way is to surf the Yellow Pages (yes, there is an online version now) or flip through the classified pages in your daily newspaper. More often than not, these are not the best methods to locate a service provider who meets your needs. It’s like taking a shot in the dark, and hoping you hit the target. It is not uncommon for consumers to end up with jobs badly done, thereby wasting time and resources in the process. But there may just be a better way to solve your repair problems now. Two enterprising individuals have expanded on the Yellow Pages concept by matching consumers with service providers in a single platform. The result, they claim, is the promise of getting the right fit and therefore ensuring the job is done to the customer’s satisfaction. The objective of the online platform – – is to integrate consumer requests with service providers’ capabilities. The platform seems to have found quick success, if the claim of the founders is anything to go by. Launched in November last year, already has 800 businesses – comprising plumbers, general contractors, photographers, electricians, make-up artists and even yoga instructors – on its roster. In less than two months, the service providers on have already given out cost quotations for jobs valued at a total of US$3.2 million (RM11 million). For the full story, read it on pages 17-18 in the latest issue of Focusweek.’s%20Life/matching-consumer-needs-with-services

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