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Anything and everything

“Don’t worry, boss. I can kaodim for you” is a common saying among Malaysians. Kaodim in the Malaysian context can be translated as: “It will be taken care of”, and that’s exactly what promises.

Calling themselves the smarter way to hire services, Kaodim founders Jeffri Cheong and Choong Fui-Yu are lawyers-turned-entrepreneurs who have a desire to disrupt the status quo.

“We wanted to create something for Malaysia that would change lives forever. We started talking about several ideas, and we realised that the service industry in Malaysia could use a revamp. If we could create an on-demand economy for services, it would surely impact the lives of Malaysians,” says Cheong.

Launched in November 2014, Kaodim has served over 10,000 service requests from users – anything from arranging for plumbers to contractors to yoga instructors.

“At first, we were just playing matchmaker,” says Cheong.

“Before Kaodim, people were reliant on peer-to-peer recommendation, but after we launched our site, people could select service providers based on reviews by the public, and they now have several options.

“For service providers, they are getting real leads and actual meetings with clients. Their business is growing as well,” says Cheong.

Dubbed one of the big boys of Malaysian startups after they managed to raise US$550,000 (RM2.03mil) in seed funding, Kaodim saves people from spending too much time and effort hunting down the right service provider.

The company also takes pride in breaking down stereotypes and barriers.

“One of our top pick electricians is of Indian heritage. Imagine this – he was against putting up his picture as he said that his race would be a barrier for him in securing jobs. But having served a few customers well in the early days, he is now highly recommended and everybody wants him,” explains Cheong.

Building on its success in Malaysia, Kaodim is looking to expand its business throughout Malaysia. With over 1,000 service providers signed up and growing, Kaodim is looking at Singapore and Jakarta as potential markets.

“Before Kaodim came about, people were just relying on recommendations from their family or friends, but now things have changed,” says Cheong.

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