5 online services to make your life easier in Malaysia

It’s ever easier to be lazy online.

Apart from buying things you don’t need online, the Internet offers other conveniences. It’s been a good year for new Malaysian online services as things like hiring a cleaner or even choosing a credit card are now as easy as clicking a button.

Here’s a look at a few services that let you eschew the occasionally time-consuming process of calling up services by letting you navigate to a website instead.

Ah, renovation work. For most people, it’s a word-of-mouth, “who did you get to do your lawn/bathroom/roofing ah?” process of getting the right contractor who won’t charge you through the roof for simple ceiling repairs.

Kaodim simplifies the process by letting you put up your requirements and then waiting for contractors to bid for the job. You then get to sift through the quotes and choose what seems to be the best offer. Keep in mind, though, that some contractors will try to be funny, charging you ridiculous rates for what should be routine jobs. Know how much roughly your job should cost and try not to get stiffed.

Besides yardwork and renovations, Kaodim even offers help finding personal trainers, yoga instructors as well as wedding photographers now. Need help in the search for the best contractor (for you)? Head over to the Kaodim site to get your quotes.


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