Payment Gateway now available for vendors in Malaysia! (Updated)

By Anil Thontepu, Sr. Product Manager

All of us at Kaodim know how our vendors(you) top-up credits, and we also understand how much of a pain in the %#$ it is. From today on, vendors in Malaysia will no longer have to wait for days to top-up their credits because we have integrated a payment gateway provider which would help us accept online payments and allow vendors to top-up credits in a jiffy.

You can now buy credits directly through the Kaodim app/ website and no longer need to go through the hassle of going to the bank or ATM machines, or no need to screen shot their receipt and wait for hours before your credits are added to your account.
The new online payment process is much simpler and they can top up anytime. 24 hours, everyday, 365 days a year. Simply pay online via online bank transfer or credit card, and get your credits instantly!


Here is how it works:

A few lucky vendors have been trying our app for payments and this is what they have to say:
– 5/5 star rating. I received the receipt via email after the payment is successful. I am happy with the system as I get the credits straight away after the payment. no need to wait anymore.
– The process to purchase credits will be quicker.
– I liked the credit packages, I felt this easy to topup credits, The payment page was quick
– I felt this easy to top-up credits


1. Can I still make offline payment at the bank or cash deposit machine to top up?

Yes, you can. The steps to top up by making offline payment remain the same. If you still need to know more about buying credits offline, please refer to the image below, or click here. However we encourage all vendors to purchase credits via our online payment system for greater speed and convenience.

2. Can I purchase during weekends or after work hours, including public holidays?

Yes. You may purchase credits at any time of the day, 7 days a week. This is one of the main reasons why we have introduced online credits purchase.

3. How long will it take for me to get my credits after online purchase?

You should see the credits you have just purchased in your account immediately. You will receive a push notification through your phone and email on successful topup of credits.However, in the event our systems are experiencing heavy load, it might take a longer time.

4. What if I change my mind? Is there any refunds?

We are sorry but we do not allow refunds for credit purchases. This is the same as our existing policy.

5. Which are the online payment methods that you accept?

You will be able to select bank transfer or credit card. Scroll through the payment method screen and select your bank or select CREDIT CARD if you wish to pay by card. If you select bank transfer, you will be sent to your online banking login page. If you select credit card, you will be prompted to provide your credit card details.

6. What credit cards do you accept?

All VISA / MASTER cards are accepted.

7. Will there be any additional fees charged to my card?

No additional fees will be charged to your cards

8. Will I get a receipt for my purchase?

Yes, you can check the transaction details to view/download your receipt for the transactions in a PDF format.

9. Will I get a tax invoice for my purchase? How/When will I receive it?

Yes, you can check the transaction details to view/download your invoice for the transactions in a PDF format.

10. Why was I charged with a wrong amount?. How do I dispute?

In the event of an issue with a particular transaction, please check the transaction details page and initiate a conversation with our customer care team, or please reach out to us at 03-7890 3022 or email us to ​

11. My payment failed. What do I do?

Payment failure can be due to multiple reasons, please try making the payment again. If it still fails, we would suggest you to please check with your respective bank provider. You can also proceed using a different card / different bank account

12. Is it secure? Does Kaodim store my credit card details?

Yes, the transaction is 100% secure and Kaodim does not save any card details.

13. Can I save my payment details for future purchases?

Sorry, we do not have this feature yet. We are trying our best to roll this feature out soon.

14. My credit card or bank account has been deducted, but I haven’t received the credits. What should I do?

This should not happen. In a very unlikely case of such occurrence, please reach out to us at 03-7890 3022 or email us to

15. How many packs can I purchase?

You can purchase one pack at a time, or one of each credit pack.

16. Can I set up an auto debit (recurring payment) for my credit purchases?

Currently you are not able to set up an auto debit for your purchases. However we are working on making this possible and you should be able to do this in the near future. However, you can purchase as many different credit packs at once if you wish.

17. What if i want to apply promo code for credit pack purchase?

You must purchase offline if you want to use a promo code. Please proceed to the old credit purchase process by clicking “want to buy credits offline”? In the wallet screen and follow those steps.

Credits to the Sigma Team!
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