LinkedinLocal- TownHall Transparency is Key

Written by Queenie Yee
Edited by Sharifah Amira

Communication is key to building a successful company, it helps a company grow and improve as well as give employees, the backbone of the operations a voice.

However, communication may not always come easy, our CEO and Co-Founder of Kaodim Choong Fui-Yu, as well as CEO and Co-founder of Supahand’s Mark Koh, give their insight into how they overcome this problem.

Choong Fui-Yu is an advocate of transparent communication Kaodim employees are encouraged to give feedback, as well as communicate and learn from other departments to motivate the company to grow further together as a team!

This is done through several initiatives, one being Town Hall, where on the last Friday of each month, the KaoTeam would gather to get to know new employees and celebrate birthdays with food and beverages! This follows with a QnA session for curious and doubtful minds.

A similar culture of celebrating good moments has been cultivated in Supahand too! CEO and Co-founder, Mark Koh, marks all Supahand’s successes on “Purple Day” a means to motivate and build team spirit by celebrating successes together. Although Town Hall and Purple Day are seemingly different, the same values persist.

Fui strongly advocates for transparency, teamwork and the freedom for everyone to exchange ideas. Both Fui and Mark believe that being a role model is vital in keeping everyone on the same page.

“Sometimes, it is a bit hard to align everyone’s purposes in a team, so finding the right person to fit the right role is an important task to ensure that the whole company is going towards the same direction.”

Here’s a little tip from Fui himself!

Simplifying the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) is crucial so that employees are clear on what they should be doing!

To reach success, Fui learned from his two idols, Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, and Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, believed strongly that their products are the best and are daring enough to do things out of the ordinary. Who else would be daunting enough to remove the CD-rom out of their laptops and still claim it as the best?

Mark was also inspired and motivated by the same values. His influence comes from Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin.

“He is willing to try new things and always challenging the route less taken by other people,” said Mark.

Mark believes that consistency should precede creativity in leadership. However, Kaodim relies on Fui’s belief that the two are equally important qualities in a leader and both are mutually exclusive elements.