Company Trip 2018

Written and edited by Queenie Yee

We went on a 3-days 2-nights stay at Sahom Lake, somewhere near Gopeng, Ipoh, with the rest of the Kaodim family from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore!

We kick-started the trip with icebreakers to get everyone familiar with the others, then, marking the end of the first day, Fui shared the newly established company core values to remind us of what we should work hard to achieve.

On the next day, some of us went kayaking while the others were gliding through mid-air, above the lake, on the Flying Fox. Later that day, we took a bus to the river, where we went for white water rafting. Most of our rafts toppled over, so, we had to swim in cold river water! 

Regardless of the mishaps, our team building activities were fruitful because they offered more than just an adrenaline rush. At the end of this trip, we came back with a fresh new atmosphere in the office!

To the committee members who arranged this trip:
Despite all of your time being spent on planning and making arrangements, you were still able to join in on the fun. Thank you!

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