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Updated 6th September 2018

Sharing the stage with Derek Toh (Founder & CEO of WOBB) and Jasmine Ng (nem’s Investment & Special Project director), Fui discussed “The hard thing about building company culture; & how to make it a little easier” and explains the A to Zs on how to determine your company culture in a more comprehensible way by breaking it down to three aspects and suggests ways to cope with the challenges of building and maintaining company culture.

Your company culture is determined by 1) what people care about as individuals and 2) what the company values and principles are. Finally, 3) the company culture is then set by how people behave as a result.

Relying on company goals and expecting employees to follow blindly is not enough. Our leaders take the extra step in making sure that everyone behaves consistently with company values. Only then will those values and principles become company culture.

One of the strategies in maintaining company culture is to lead by example. Our leaders are not people who tell others what to do but show them how to do things right. There is no better way to implement change than to make changes yourself!

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Ever wondered why top companies are investing so much in work culture as an effective talent acquisition strategy?

Find out how the most competitive employers use work culture to acquire top talents!

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For this occasion, Fui will talk about “The hard thing about building & maintaining company culture & how to make it a little easier”.

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