Terence Ho on Gigs for Gig People at The Future of Work

Written by Queenie Yee
Updated on 12th September 2018

In the first-ever The Future of Work hosted by ZomWork, Terence, the Head of Operations for Kaodim Singapore, discussed business productivity and Kaodim’s role in the marketplace.

The demand for freelancers grew due to two main concerns, rising business cost, and insufficient supply of labour force. Through “Gigs for Gig People” Terence shared how micro companies and freelancers can use Kaodim to achieve their business objectives, by going digital.

However, not everyone is on board. There is only 18 percent of companies generating their revenue through online channels. Only 39 percent of companies have successfully adopted e-commerce. On the other hand, 87 percent of companies wish to go digital but have no expertise to execute their online channels.

Local SMEs were not convinced. Before joining the platform, Kaodim vendors faced the same issues. Now, three of our vendors have already entrusted part of their market expansion activities to Kaodim after being introduced to this digital platform by running marketing gigs.


With that said, Kaodim’s role in the marketplace is to build a community where vendors can grow in collaboration with Kaodim.

After the talk was done, Terence was on invited onto a panel along with Byran Choo, Founder and Managing Director of TheSmartLocal, Sebastian Mueller, Chief Operating Officer of MING Labs and Richard Jones, Senior Vice President APAC of AntWork. The panel is moderated by Carrie Liauw, Founder and Director of Tabula Rasa.

The first question asked by Carrie was how companies use freelancers. Terence mentioned that Kaodim identifies itself as one of the key connectors for the gig economy by using Kaodim to help freelancers and SMEs to connect customers rather than using the traditional way of finding new customers by recommendations from other people.

Terence also shared his previous working experience in temporary staffing, in which he personally needed to go to the ground to fill up the last minute manpower issue. That experience allows Terence to understand the challenges that freelancers face.

The last request by the moderator was to give a tip to freelancers. Terence said, “Stay updated, keep abreast of the trends to stay competitive.

For more information, please visit kaodim.sg or email us at comms@kaodim.com


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