The Beginner’s Guide to Buying Your First Home in Malaysia – A Workshop by Leong Woo

Written by Queenie Yee

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Kaodim fosters a continuous learning environment and information sharing among each other. We include both work and non-work related training and workshops for the benefits of our employees.

Our latest workshop, conducted by Leong Woo, was catered to guide beginners in buying their very first home in Malaysia!

Before buying any property, you must, first, determine your objectives. These are factors contributing to your decision making. A few things to consider include affordability (you must, already, have the financial capability), the purpose of buying the property (be it for a longterm living or to capitalize on your asset), and the optimal time to invest.

Credit score
Credit scores are a numerical measurement that represents a person’s worthiness in applying loan to buy a property. It accumulates as you pay off your credit card debts. The higher the score, the higher the chances of your loan approval for your property investment.

Exit Strategy
Exit strategy refers to your plan of action once you no longer own the property. There are many types of exit strategies. You may choose a suitable strategy based on your intentions for the property.

Next Strategy
Next strategy is what you plan to do with the property that you are about to purchase next. You can sell off the property you have to buy another one or keep the one you already have and hunt for a new property.

Other than the OCEANS guideline, Leong designed a comprehensible calculation method for the initial payment, monthly installment, and ROI on an excel sheet. 

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