Ng Ying Keng, Kaodim Malaysia’s Group Vendor Engagement Director

Written by Queenie Yee
Edited by Administrator

Ng Ying Keng joins Kaodim as a Group Vendor Engagement Director bringing more than 15 years of managerial experience from a corporate background. His role in Kaodim, other than taking care of our vendors, is to be responsible for keeping the relationship between vendors and the company close.

Before joining Kaodim, he was in charge of managing projects, planning for contingencies, and vendor management. That is only the tip of the iceberg to Ying Keng’s other contributions to companies in the large-scale industry, like Coca-Cola and FedEx.

From managing equipment, namely selecting the right machines for mixing cold drinks and maintaining these machines, Ying Keng eventually progressed to vendor management, handling vendor selection, assessment, clear KPIs and managing reviews to ensure that all vendors meet the pre-aligned service standards, in Coca-Cola for 8 years.

One of his notable traits is that he leads with positivity to ensure that his trainees are enforced with and learn good values at work. He is motivated by challenges that test his capabilities to adapt and to be creative.

Aligned with Kaodim’s purpose of giving back to the community, Ying Keng also wishes to help our vendors grow their business and, in hopes, expand this cause to other regions of Southeast Asia. In summary, Ying Keng is a humble man willing to share everything he knows to better the community and for the company.

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