SME CEO Forum 2018 – How Digital Economy will Disrupt Businesses in Malaysia

Written by Queenie Yee

SMEs can no longer rely on traditional methods of running a business in this fast-paced world. Most of us can now conveniently purchase and request for anything we want with our smartphones or computers without leaving our homes.

The latest SME CEO Forum, held at Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral on 24th of October, discusses the future of SMEs as well as the concerns of digitising businesses. The event gives us the opportunity to find ways in perfecting the digital marketplace by gaining insight from questions raised by those who were present.

The panelists include Mr. Choong Fui-Yu, CEO of Kaodim Malaysia, Mr. Kyri Andreou, Co-Founder and Director of Ata-Plus, Ms. Jasmine Ng, Director of Investments and Special Projects NEM Malaysia and Mr. Rene Bernard, President Access Blockchain Association Malaysia. The forum was moderated by Mr. Adit Rahim Director of Client Services at Strategic Communications and Management Consultancy.

One major concern is security breaches. Kaodim has not faced any issues regarding security. Our tech team has been doing a great job at keeping confidential or personal information on our business owners and consumers safe from breaches. On the other hand, Fui-Yu suggests that consumers can take further measures by checking the background and histories of the companies. This is to remind users to select online service providers carefully.

The concept of a digital market is still new and intimidating to some business owners. Our panelists believe that online services providers should equip business owners and consumers with a platform that can assist in educating them while providing them with accessibility. We should make the first step by giving them the needs to overcome their doubts.

Misconceptions of digital marketplaces causing human elements to be taken away still trouble the minds of our consumers and business owners. Our panelists explained that online service providers are enhancing the market by bringing convenience to consumers, speeding up the growth of businesses and adding accessibility to a wide variety of services available.

Kaodim will continue to grow and provide SMEs with more business opportunities as well as convenience for our consumers.

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