SQL Workshop with Benjamin Chew 2018 @ Kaodim Malaysia

Friday, 9th November 2018, begins with a quick workshop on Structured Query Language (SQL) programming. The workshop is organised by our Data and Strategy team to help other Kaodim employees understand the basics of SQL and how to manipulate a database to find information.

Written by Ooi Huiqi

Benjamin, the conductor of the workshop, waits patiently as his students set up their laptops.

SQL is a language used by database administrators to communicate with a database. Administrators use SQL to query, insert, update and modify data.  This is especially useful when a company is looking for progress reports to be able to make informed decisions on their next move. The use of a software and databases that can retrieve and manipulate data saves the user from dealing with issues like Excel crashes, and multiple data on separate files.

Benjamin engaged his fellow employees by introducing them to the use of Holistics, a cloud-based Business Intelligence & Data Analytics platform that specializes in SQL programming.

The students of the day practicing their programming language through a guided step-by-step tutorial. The Data and Strategy team organised this workshop to help equip members of the other departments with the ability to find and compile data, without depending heavily on the team to prepare progress reports.

As Benjamin explains:

SQL knowledge is becoming an essential skill for every type of employee, especially in the digital age. It is also one of the easiest programming language you can learn, even if you’re not a programmer. The knowledge you have will help you extract data and information way more efficiently than a typical Excel spreadsheet user.

– Benjamin Chew, 2018.


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