SQL Workshop (part 2) with George Wong 2018 @ Kaodim MY

Data Analyst intern sitting while on his laptop

George has been our Data Analyst Intern for the past four months in the office. He helps the Data and Strategy Team with their day-to-day tasks of manipulating and analyzing data. This Friday, he recapped last week’s SQL workshop and introduced new methods to using SQL and their applications.

Written by Ooi Huiqi.

An eager group of students took a break from their workday to learn more about SQL.

A woman and a man sit at a table with their laptops, at a SQL workshop. The woman, on the left, grins at the camera happily
Benjamin took the backseat to allow his mentee the opportunity to share SQL knowledge with his fellow employees. Esmee, our HR Intern, (pictured on the left) was eager for another round of coding.
A boy smiles casually at the camera while on the computer.
Diviyan, one of the other Data Analyst Interns, sat in to learn a little more about the software the Data and Strategy team use.

This workshop is a follow up of last week’s SQL Workshop, going into more detail on methods to Compare and Count statistical data. It is an initiative by the Data and Strategy Team to educate the office on Data Democratisation. Honing their ability as the average digital end user to be able to gather and analyze digital information independently.

For more information, please contact us at comms@kaodim.com

Read more about last weeks’ SQL workshop with Benjamin at comms.kaodim.com/2018/11/09/sql-workshop-with-benjamin-chew-2018-kaodim-malaysia/