Data Visualisation Workshop with Erika Padlan @ Gawin Phillipines

Gawin Philippines held their own Data Visualisation Workshop to educate fellow employees on its importance in Business Communications.

Written by Ooi Huiqi.

This is in line with Kaodim’s Data and Strategy Team’s initiative to enlighten the office on Data Democratisation.

While Benjamin and George focused on SQL knowledge, Erika decided to focus on a more general topic. That is the Visualisation of Data. Which is the breakdown of big data into digestible forms. Therefore, the use of visual language (in terms of signs, symbols, and pictures) would be more understandable to a layperson who might not be familiar with tech language.

Erika Padlan, Gawin Operations Executive, waits for her students to settle down.
The Philippines team took a break from their workday to learn the theory behind data visualisation.

In Business Communications, visuals can help with identifying relationships and patterns in operational and business activities. It can also help identify developing trends to help make better decisions involving these activities.

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