SQL Workshop (part 3) with Benjamin Chew 2018 @ Kaodim MY


We are back again with the third instalment of SQL workshops by the Data and Strategy team!

Written by Ooi Huiqi

The workshop saw some familiar faces with Esmee, our HR Intern, sitting at the front and Diviyan, one of our Data Analyst Interns, sat at the back.
There were also some new students present as well!

This week’s session began with a quick recap of what has been covered so far, which are SELECT, WHERE, COMBINE, and COUNT. Once the students have been caught up with the basics, Benjamin began to introduce the concept of subqueries. Subquery is the act of making a query within a query under the WHERE command.

Here is a quick Behind the Scenes of Benjamin planning out his lesson for the week!

Since Monday, before the workday officially starts, Benjamin spent 10 minutes visualising his lessons for his students.
Drafts and examples. (Note: on the table is his name card, use the promo code BENJAMIN to get a discount off your next Kaodim service!)

In this month of November, the Data and Strategy team has made it a month for Data Democratisation in the office. The initiative is not limited to Kaodim’s Malaysian team but has extended to Gawin Philippines (our Philippines team).

If you’re interested to find out more about the KaoTeam, email us at comms@kaodim.com