Jeffri Cheong at Youth Entrepreneurship Summit (YES) 2019

Kaodim was invited to Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 organized by Go Negosyo and it is the largest digital youth summit in the Philippines. Jeffri Cheong was a panellist of the panel at Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2019 to talk about Innovation Through Collaboration along with


  • Ricky Kapur – Regional Manager of Asia Pacific, Microsoft
  • Patrick Wing-Ho Ngan – International CEO and Co-Founder of QFPay International Limited
  • Albert Go – Regional Director of Lalamove of Southeast Asia
  • Robbie Antonio – CEO and Co-FOunder of Revolution Precrafted


  • Perry Lam – Founder and CEO of Lam Institute

The first question asked was “What kind of innovation do you have in your company?”

Jeffri answered that there are many services and goods that a consumer can order through the Internet. But getting in touch with house services providers through the Internet is always unreliable. So Gawin was introduced to the Philippines market to solve that problem for the consumers.

For these home service providers, Jeffri noted that many of them have difficulties in getting hired and making a living out of it. By introducing Gawin to the local market, it helps service providers to match with more customers and in addition to helping to digitize their businesses. By providing them with the means to track their payments and monitor the jobs that they have completed.

By helping local service providers digitize their business, it allows them to double their revenues within a few months using the Gawin platform and now relies on the platform to grow their business. While also allowing consumers to find dependable and quality service providers easily.

Courtesy of Go Negosyo

The next question asked by the moderator was “How do you handle disruption in terms of your business?”

Jeffri shared his experience by stating a business in this era can’t just rely on understanding what the consumers want but also to embrace how quickly technology changes. He gave an example on customers using the Gawin platform when customers request a service, they want service providers that are professionals that are able to give the highest quality of service by being on time and responsive. Consumers using the Gawin platform is a way to meet those expectations but Jeffri said that by understanding on how consumers use the platform and then Gawin is able to adapt the product to meet the needs and requirements of the consumers.

Jeffri points out that there were a time that service providers that were using Gawin platform would be happy in using computers to accept jobs. But then the service providers shifted from using computers to mobile phones. But Gawin was able to adapt to the sudden changes by ensuring that the mobile application that was used by service providers was able to keep up with the demands.

Courtesy of Go Negosyo

So Gawin introduced few tools into the platform to help the vendors, like ratings of the service providers, digital payment system and allowing them to manage their customers effectively. Jeffri says that these are the things that the service providers wanted, they wanted guidance, support and empowerment from us. So we use technology to help them and understand their problem.

The last question that was asked to Jeffri was “Your experience as an entrepreneur, what are some of the biggest challenges that you have to overcome and what did you get from it?”

Courtesy of Go Negosyo

Jeffri believes that conviction, authenticity and creativity plays a big factor in his life. When he finds something he believes in, he believes his conviction is able to help him reach the goals. Jeffri shared his experience when he first started his company, he was a lawyer and knew nothing about digital marketing, mobile applications and finance. But in the last 5 years curiosity is an empowering thing for him, where he had to learn everything from scratch. Jeffri says that it allows him to challenge himself and to overcome all the setbacks that his going to face.

For the full broadcast, click on the video below. Panel starts at 44 min mark.

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Posted by Go Negosyo on Thursday, March 7, 2019