Jeffri Cheong at Elevate 2019

Jeffri Cheong, Kaodim Group’s Co-Founder and Managing Director was invited to be part of a panel that is organized by KW Group, titled Elevate: People. Performance. Profits. The event was attended by Human Resource Practitioners from all levels across Malaysia.

Jeffri was part of a panel on Change Management – How Can Organisations Evolve and Adapt to Stay Relevant in Today’s Fast-Paced Digital Environment. Along with Chinmay Sharma, Director People & Culture (Malaysia) of Philip Morris International, Janet Lee, CEO & Culture Consultant of 95%, Kartik Krishanamurthy, Managing Director of Asia from Cornerstone OnDemand and moderated by AJ Boelens, Managing Director of Singapore from Human Inc.

The aim of the panel is to keep human resource practitioners abreast on how each organisation adapt to the current practices in their companies and the importance of the human resource team in a company’s strategy.

The session started with AJ asking the panellist on how does their company react when new behaviours from a new generation of hires become the new normal in a company. Chinmay says that his company does see this behaviour a lot and he pointed out that the older batch of employees will have this issue when a certain behaviour becomes the new norm in the company.

He pointed out that once an employee who works in a company for a long period of time, they tend to not change their behaviour or adopt new practices, as their way works for them for the years that they have been in the company. But he said that this problem was a dilemma as the company is slowly phasing this problem as the company is expanding with new hires from different generations of workers that have different values and ethics in a workplace.

Jeffri mentioned that Kaodim does not have this problem as the majority of the company’s hires are average age around 25 and most managers are above the age of 30. He pointed out that his company won’t be experiencing this issue soon as they are still a young company and there are a lot of changes that an employee from an older generation might not able to keep up with the influx of changes and demands that happens frequently in a startup.

The next question posed by the moderator was how does each organization introduce their feedback mechanism to see what needs to be changed. Jeffri was first to answer the question, he says that Kaodim has an open door policy for their employees. He gave an example of this, stating all employees are allowed to criticize and question any choices that are made by the company.

To facilitate this, town halls are organised on the last Friday of every month to keep employees updated on the status of the company, projects and to ask any questions that are related to the company. Aside from a more formal way of giving feedback, they also have an informal way of letting employees voice out their concerns and feedback. He says that he and his other Co-Founder Choong Fui Yu maintains an open door policy for all their employees regardless of their level. He says that they have been using this concept over 5 years now, and it does work for them to be aware of their employee’s concern on all levels.

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