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CEO and founder of Kaodim, Choong Fui-Yu / Image Credit: TEDxBangsar

On 1 June, TEDxBangsar launched their first event with its theme ‘Flow’ which features a diverse range of speakers sharing their stories about building their flow through connections.

Here’s are 7 lessons from 7 change-makers, who shared how they keep up their success when it comes to dealing with people.

1. Start with perceptions.

CEO and founder of Kaodim, Choong Fui-Yu explained that labourers’ (recognised by them as craftsmen) work in the same essence as professionals such as lawyers, doctors and engineers.

“Both are exercising their skills and honing their crafts,” he said. “Most importantly, they are both adding value that has great importance to each of us.”

“We failed to recognise it because of how society dictates where and what we should place value on.”

At Kaodim, their mission is to empower the craftsmen through technology. First, they considered the challenges that the craftsmen face in their work.

Thus Kaodim devised an algorithm that routes jobs which are closest to the labourers, based on their availability. This cuts down their travel time and maximizes the number of jobs they can do in a day.

They also provide financing schemes for contractors to pick up the materials at much better prices.

“By living a day in their lives, by understanding and solving their pain points, we were able to fundamentally improve the quality of their work so that they can contribute to their communities.”

He encouraged trying different approaches, for different results.

“It starts with our perceptions. Their work needs to be understood just a little bit better.”

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