Kaodim Malaysia Vendor Town Hall for June 2019

Kaodim’s Malaysia Vendor Engagement Team held their monthly vendor town hall for our vendors in the cleaning and moving field.

The event started with Wye Chuan by introducing the best practices for moving and cleaning. Next, he explained that one of the benefits of being a vendor with Kaodim is if a vendor needs help in procuring equipment or tools for their business, Kaodim is able to help them to get the tools that are needed at a discounted price.

Wye Chuan explaining best practices

Next is Yik Ken explaining on how does the vendor performance analysis work in the app. He talks on how having a good rating is able to help a vendor by getting more jobs, as customers will be more willing to pick them over a vendor who has a lower rating. Yik Ken also explained what are the incentives for the coming months and how to participate in. To fulfil Kaodim’s mission of helping SMEs to digitize their business, Yik Ken also introduces KaodimPay to the new service providers that joined recently. KaodimPay is a feature that Kaodim provides to help both customers and service providers to go cashless without fussing the problems that arise from physical cash transactions.

Yik Ken showing on how the in-app vendor analysis performance works and KaodimPay

For the last segment of the town hall, Jun Hao explained the importance of building a good profile and how to fully utilise the Kaodim platform. He explained that a vendor must build a profile that looks professional by including pictures of their work and team and a short description of their company. Jun Hao stated that having a good review on their profile helps business, as most consumers will read online reviews and will trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations before submitting any requests

Jun Hao explaining what is needed to build a good vendor profile
Kaodim Vendor Townhall June 2019

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