Kaodim at Exabytes Conference

Kaodim’s Product Lead, Anil Thontepu was invited to speak at Exabytes eCommerce Conference at MaGIC, Cyberjaya, about Experimenting with Payments to Capture Mobile-First Customers.

Anil started his presentation by introducing what is Kaodim and its mission of transforming local services in South East Asia. Then he showed a chart of Kaodim’s customer’s journey.

Kaodim’s Customer Journey

Anil explained that Kaodim’s approach to building a payment system for both Kaodim’s customers and service providers was to first look at a user’s persona. By understanding user personas, pain points, internal and external limitations, the payment infrastructure was conceptualised. After the new payment system went live, Kaodim’s Tech Team further refined it with feedback from users by adopting new features and enhancing them.

Anil further elaborated that KaodimPay is built for young and working urbanites. He explained that the people in the targeted market prefer to delegate chores to someone else. As they are willing to pay for it as working urbanities prioritise on spending their free time doing activities that enhance their wellbeing.

He gave some examples of the most common issues that are faced by Kaodim’s customers when the service they requested is finished. One of the most common issues is the need to withdraw cash to make a payment to the vendor. For vendors, they worry about the possibility of extra charges when accepting online payments and the need to deposit the cash in a bank when a job is done.

Anil stated that during the initial launch of KaodimPay, customers and service providers alike had low adoption and were sceptical towards it. Both parties were still concerned about the security of online payment and change of payment method if it works.

To change this perception towards KaodimPay, Kaodim launched a campaign to educate and encourage both customers and service providers to use KaodimPay. For customers, promotional codes were used to encourage customers to use KaodimPay.

With the increase of customers using KaodimPay, service providers were forced to learn and adapt to using KaodimPay with the help of Kaodim’s Operations Team to guide them. With the new increased adoption rate of KaodimPay, new features such as vendor rewards were slowly introduced to keep Kaodim’s service providers engaged in the platform

As of 2019, the current adoption rate of service providers using KaodimPay stands at 50%. The key takeaways from the session were to build for scale and growth for the future, building trust as soon as possible while minimizing the learning curve for all parties involved, and making sure everything converges to a goal or the ultimate objective.

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