Fui at Wild Digital 2019

Choong Fui Yu, Kaodim Group’s CEO and Co-Founder was invited to be a part of Wild Digital 2019. Fui’s session was CEO Grilling Session with Eric Tan, Analyst, CEO’s Office, Catcha Group.

Eric asked Fui about how Kaodim deals with the challenges in four different countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia and how does Kaodim navigate it. Fui said that to deal with the many challenges about doing business in South East Asia (SEA), such as the fragmented economies, markets and cultures of each country. Kaodim focuses heavily on localization, Fui pointed out that in the Philippines and Indonesia, Kaodim is called Gawin.ph and Beres.id respectively to appeal to the local market in each country.

The next question that Eric asked was how Kaodim deals with other competitors. Fui said that rather than keeping a constant eye on competitors, Kaodim focuses on how they can do better by improving its current product to give both their service providers and customers for the best experience possible when using the Kaodim platform. Fui stated that Kaodim also focuses on making sure the quality of service providers is high and giving customers the most competitive prices without compromising on quality.

By using the Kaodim platform,  service providers and customers alike will bypass Kaodim after the first job that is completed. Eric asked Fui what are the steps or procedure in place to prevent service providers and customers bypassing Kaodim. Fui stated that both service providers and customers bypassing a marketplace is common, but there are plenty of service providers that are with Kaodim rarely does that anymore. The reason is simple, says Fui, once service providers that sign up with Kaodim, they see noticeable growth in their own business. Once trust is established between Kaodim and the service providers, is easier to rely on the Kaodim platform rather than waiting for a job to come.

The last question that was asked by Eric was what kind of demographic that Kaodim is aiming for. Fui said that the majority of Kaodim’s users are people who live in the urban and suburban area. As the targeted population prefers to have fun by spending quality time by doing activities that enhance their wellbeing. Fui explained that the targeted market is willing and is capable to pay to delegate their household chores to someone else, and the hassle of finding a service provider.

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