Kaodim Malaysia Compare Vendor Town Hall for July 2019

For July, Kaodim’s Malaysia Vendor Engagement Team held a town hall for our compare vendors.

The town hall started with Ying Keng, Kaodim’s Regional Vendor Engagement Director, sharing the reason why he was hired and explained why the Vendor Engagement Team was formed. It is to help the service providers with Kaodim to resolve any issues that might occur when using Kaodim and to facilitate feedbacks between vendors and Kaodim.

Ng Ying Keng, Regional Vendor Engagement Director. Explaining why the Vendor Engagement Team was formed.

The town hall started with Jun Hao introducing about Kaodim Compare and how it works to the new service providers that joined recently. Firstly, a job request will be requested by a customer who is using the Kaodim platform. The job request that was requested by the customers will be quoted from 5 different vendors and the customer will start reviewing the quotes received.

Jun Hao explaining how Kaodim Compare works.

Jun Hao explained that to get selected, a vendor must build a profile that looks professional by including pictures of their work, team and a short description of their company. As the professionalism presented by the profile, it will have a higher chance of selecting the vendor.

Once the job is done, the service provider just has to click on collect payment and a digital receipt will be issued to the customer. Jun Hao recommends the service providers to collect the payment via KaodimPay due to the hassle-free of digital transactions.

Yik Ken explaining business ethics and KaodimPay

For the next segment of the town hall, Yik Ken introduced KaodimPay to the service providers that are not familiar with it and to help them to get on board for digital transactions. Yik Ken also introduced the upcoming incentive campaign in August. He stated that to participate in the incentive campaign, a service provider must complete a job using KaodimPay.

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