Product School: Anil Thontepu Talks on The Roles of a Product Manager

Anil Thontepu, Kaodim Group’s Product Lead was invited by Product School to talk about The Role of a Product Manager in Shipping Things.

To begin with the talk, Anil defined the role of product manager as a person who is intersected between user experience, tech and business and their roles are to understand what does a business need, how to build up things, and how it should be felt by the users just to ensure that the user gets the best experience.

Aside from that, Anil explained that a product manager has to be jack-of-all-trade which the product manager has to do anything and everything without relying on anyone. He also stated that the product manager sets the culture on how a product gets shipped, how the developer understands the business and transparency across the system that ensures people know how it goes out.

Anil also advised that it would be better for teams to tell the product manager what is the problem that they are facing instead of just telling them what to do or what to build. Similarly, Anil gave an example of how Kaodim shipped 28 product features in 18 months, experimented with the team structure and a clear roadmap and backlog to scale the team by two times.

Anil briefly explained on how to list down the product requirements and how does Kaodim keeps up. Anil had listed four ways to prioritize the product requirement, which are the user’s feedback, internal team, management team and bugs and tech debt.

Anil further explains that Kaodim looks at the impact as a data or a gut feeling. As sometimes there are needs to trust in their gut feeling, as data can’t be true all the time this is because there would be products that are new and have no data at all. 

At the end of the talk, Anil shares his secret to play a good role of a product manager in shipping things that is to explore more apps and get to know their changes, meet more people and know what would their needs be. 

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