Priority Town Hall for November 2019 recently held a Gawin Priority Town Hall for’s priority vendors. The goal of the town hall is to update the priority vendors with several key information regarding the features of the app as well as to have a dialogue session with them. Some of the things which were explained include the automated payout disbursement process on the app, the analysis of cancellation rates for certain services, the temporary price reduction of certain services and so much more.

The town hall began with Erika and Rhonalyn from Gawin’s Vendor Engagement Team who proceeded to explain the requirement for vendors to include their bank details on the app. The reason for requiring the bank details is to automate the payout disbursement process on the app. Erika also gave out a few pointers to the vendors on how to assess their performance by looking at the performance dashboard on the app.

The town hall was also a good opportunity to explain to the vendors about the analysis of the cancellation rates for certain services too. To reduce the cancellation rates, the Vendor Engagement Team at had created a plan to ascertain the performance of the vendors. Among the initiatives that were put forth was the issuance of Gawin Guarantee stickers, the implementation of the Gawin Integrity System, the use of the Live Vendor Performance Dashboard and so on.

Additionally, the town hall served a great opportunity for the vendors to receive their long-awaited Gawin uniforms. Gawin’s Vendor Engagement Team had prepared several articles of Gawin uniforms for it to be presented to the vendors who were in attendance on that day. Also in the works are upcoming incentives for the vendors to don their Gawin uniforms, so stay tuned for more.

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