Kaodim’s Hackathon Day

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Kaodim’s Hackathon Day is an avenue for our fine talent to generate fresh ideas so as to promote and enhance existing features on our app. The objective of this Hackathon Day was to foster learning, creativity, motivation, productivity, teamwork, and to provide a space for our talented employees to come together to solve various problems. A multitude of problem statements was put forth to allow the participating teams to work on.

One of the teams in deep discussion

There were a total of six teams that participated in the event. The teams included Team Khaled, Team Jasia, Team Ola, Team Daniel, Team Seng, and Team Prasil. However, as with any competition, there can only be one winner. After the judges had evaluated every team, the judges had decided that the runner-up belonged to Team Ola while the winning team belonged to Team Daniel.

The runner up team: Team Ola

The winning team: Team Daniel

From this event, many noteworthy and ingenious ideas were exchanged and shared. We anticipate the great ideas that were excogitated in-depth by our talented staff may come to fruition so that it may benefit all.

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