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We treat our candidates like our customers to create a positive candidate experience

Tech interviews are hard and stressful. As a candidate, you may go through several stressful processes before you land a tech job. Even then you may have to wait for weeks or months till you get the response from potential employees.

At Kaodim, we streamlined the process to ensure candidates have a better experience. We value people over process, intent over perfection and quality over quantity. So don’t stress out and enjoy the tech hiring process with us.

Before we begin, let’s give you a brief write up about us.

Kaodim is the #1 service marketplace transforming local services in Southeast Asia based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Kaodim is built on the idea that everyone should be able to hire any services they want quickly, safely & reliably.

To that end, our goal is simple, yet audacious, to empower thousands of service providers across South East Asia so that they provide the best possible service — and at the same time, grow their businesses and livelihoods like never before. Guided by our core values, we’ll meet each new challenge creatively to create the best possible experience for our customers, to one day become their first and ultimate destination for any service need.

Kaodim HQ, overlooking the Damansara, Kuala Lumpur skyline

Since our launch in 2015, Kaodim has since taken its operations to Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines, while the team grew from 4 to over 100 people now. Our tech and product teams are based in Kuala Lumpur, making software decisions that impact the whole user experience of the service marketplace in South East Asia. Diversity is integral to our DNA, thus we have people from more than 10 different countries.

Do you know that Kaodim is a verb in Cantonese? It means “job done”. On the Kaodim apps, users can easily access professional services like home renovation, office cleaning, logistics, air-cond, moving, plumbing, electrical and wiring, event catering, house cleaning, health & fitness, and many more.

Need help? Let us Kaodim it for you.

Would like to know more about us? Visit our Newsroom or our career website.

Our Process
The whole tech hiring process will take around 2–3 weeks from contact to hire. We value candidates’ time and we make sure the whole process starts and ends quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

1. Deposit your resume to us
Keep looking for an opening and deposit your resume via our career website. You also may deposit your resume to

Our well-trained Tech recruiters will reach out to you within 48 hours to learn more about you and what you are looking for.

We appreciate candidates who include links for their LinkedIn profile, GitHub, website or project links along with their resume. Also, highlighting the skill set that matches the role you are applying for will increase the candidate’s chance to be shortlisted by the hiring managers.

2. Phone screening
We are impressed with what we have seen on your profile. At this stage, one of our tech recruiters will schedule a quick call to chat with you and get to know about you and what are you looking for in your next career step.

We will also ask you a few questions regarding the role you applied for and please don’t hesitate to talk in tech language, as our tech recruiters are well trained for this purpose.

If you have any questions regarding what we do at Kaodim, please raise your questions to us. If we can’t answer your question, we will follow up with someone from the Kaodim Engineering team.

3. Assignment
All our candidates, even interns, have to go through an assignment phase. The difficulty may vary according to the role. However, in most cases, we would provide similar questions to candidates from all levels to make better judgments.

Your submission will be evaluated based on :

-Correctness of solution
-Coding Style & Clean Code
-Unit Test & Code Coverage
-Data mutation (if backend)
-UI/UX (if frontend)

We love candidates who approach the assignments with good documentation. Thus, we would expect a README in your submission.

To better understand your thought process, we would like to see git commits with good commit messages. Aside from this, we would look for unit tests in your submission and good code coverage to ensure your implementation met deliverable qualities.

Typically, the assignment will take 3–5 days for submission. Thus, please do advise us on your convenient time to accept the challenge we prepared for you.
After your submission, our Senior Engineers will review it for further perusal.

4. Technical Interviews
If you reach this stage, then your suitability matches our requirements.

Our tech interviews usually would have 2 rounds depending on the role you are applying for.

To guide you through below are the focus area:
First round: We would like to discuss your submission and your domain specific knowledge.

Second round: Every day all the engineers at Kaodim make small, big design and architecture decisions for future scalability and maintainability. As such, we may ask you to design a certain system to better understand what you bring on the table. The question may include not limited to SOLID, MVVM, Microservices, Load Balancers, Auto-Scaling etc.

Our engineers would guide you during the process and we would love candidates who ask questions before they approach the problems. So, please ask us questions.

5. Hiring Manager Interview
At this stage, it is almost certain that you are good for the role. However, we would like to hear more from you, your motivation and expectations.

As we value your time, we would schedule a 30–45 minutes call via phone, with the Hiring Managers. We would ask you questions regarding cultural fit, behavioral questions and situation-based questions depending on your seniority level.

Upon completion, we would then proceed to have offer related conversations with you. In most cases, we would give out offer on the same day!

What we look for generally
We don’t believe in hiring rockstars, wizards or imaginary creatures.

We aim to continuously provide value to ourselves and the rest of the team, and seek to hire teammates who continue to add to the diversity of skills and personality within the team. To aid with that, we encourage the candidates to be natural, be comfortable and be prepared.

We look forward to your applications just as much.

Hackathon, Show & Tell and Kaodim Engineering Team

We hope this article clarified how we recruit Tech talents at Kaodim. Regardless of your positive or unpleasant experience, we would connect with you to get feedback in order to improve our hiring process.
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