2020 International Women’s Day at Kaodim

As people the world over celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March 2020, we at Kaodim have sought to spread the awareness of this benevolent cause by featuring some of the hardworking women who call this their workplace. We asked a few of them a couple of questions on some of the pressing issues that women in the workforce have to face. The following are their opinions on the matter.

Shella, Assistant Group Operations Manager

According to Shella, Assistant Group Operations Manager she says that International Women’s Day is special to her because it is a day to celebrate women’s achievements and also to raise awareness of the fact that women are not getting the credit that they deserve and that this is one of the efforts for doing that. All in all, what she feels are the issues that affect working women worldwide is due to the presence of gender bias in the work environment but she also understands that there are companies that provide gender equality in the workplace. She also posits that the impact that this day reminds her of is the fact that women nowadays have an equal potential to climb the career ladder as well as men too.

Xian Ting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analyst

On the other hand, Xian Ting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Analyst, had this to say about what International Women’s Day means to her. To her, it is a special day to honor the achievements and sacrifices of women all over the globe and throughout history. On the subject of what issues that working women have to put up with. She responded by saying that women who hold high ranking positions have to face some sort of stigmatization whether it be perniciously displayed or otherwise. For her, the stigmatization that women of higher positions have to face would be their inability to form decisions as women tend to make decisions without a clear state of mind. As there is a misconception that women tend to be clouded with emotional thoughts when making tough decisions. Another issue that was raised was the pervasive culture of toxic masculinity within male-dominated industries such as in the tech industry. This makes it especially hard for women who wish to make a break into the tech industry. When asked about what sort of impact does International Women’s Day have on her. She replied by saying that International Women’s Day does not leave much of an impact on her. In her opinion, the accomplishments of women throughout space and time cannot be summed up in a singular day’s worth of recognition.

Lee San Ting, Data Analyst

Lastly, we had Lee San Ting, Data Analyst, to have her say on what International Women’s Day means for her. According to her, International Women’s Day is a special day to show appreciation to all women. It also reminds her that women’s contributions need to be recognized not only by the opposite gender but also by women themselves. When asked about the issues that women have to put up with. She raised the topic of the wide salary gap that still pervades in certain industries or sectors. She feels that the salary gap in those areas could be closer and more needs to be done to accomplish that. She also wished to highlight the issue of women being unable to obtain a work-life balance between their friends and family when they are unable to receive support from the company. When the topic of what sort of impact does International Women’s Day have on her, she believes that because of the awareness that International Women’s Day brings. Companies have now set out friendly policies for working women. She also mentioned that International Women’s Day is a great day to celebrate with everyone that believes that gender is not an encumbrance to be happy and successful in life.

In light of this benevolent cause, we want to take this opportunity to wish all the strong and hardworking women out there a Happy International Women’s Day!

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