Kaodim – Thinking Positive in COVID-19 Situation

The world is still threatened by the deadly virus COVID-19. This threat is further exacerbated as the world economic situation worsens. Many entrepreneurs are facing the biggest threat of bankruptcy. However, Kaodim is optimistic about the situation. There will be opportunities in every situation. Looking back on business principles, there will always be supply over demand. The most important thing is what the people want.

Kaodim is a leading platform for home services in Southeast Asia that sees what’s important right now is looking after yourself, your family and your home. Therefore, Kaodim best guarantees to protect your health by keeping your home clean. All services for you to keep staying at home will be provided.

All you need to keep staying at home is cleanliness and comfort. Thus, Kaodim as the number one home service platform provides you with the cleaning services, plumbing repair, electrical wiring services, aircond services, insect control and more. If you are concerned about self-care at home, we also provide beauty & salon services, fitness & personal training and rehabilitation & wellness. And if you’re concerned about your children’s education, Kaodim provides language lessons, professional lessons, and academic lessons.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in your own home. Make your home a sweet home. Keep yourself, your family and your home safe. Kaodim, with just one application of everything you need at home, we provide. So, STAY SAFE, STAY POSITIVE AND STAY AT HOME!

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