Kaodim – Our Partnership with UEM Edgenta

Edited by Bryan Ng

We are absolutely delighted to announce our recent collaboration between us at Kaodim and UEM Edgenta Bhd. Under our collaboration, we here at Kaodim will be providing an enterprise platform solution for UEM Edgenta’s vendor procurement and delivery of services.


This solution allows UEM Edgenta to elevate its vendor management via technology, which promotes better transparency and openness, as well as reduces process time. With this collaboration in progress, our platform features such as on-demand vendor management and rating system, which evaluates vendors on attributes such as quality, pricing and safety, as well as real-time visualisation and analytics makes all of this possible. 

The partnership with UEM Edgenta has helped expand the company’s offering into the business-to-business space. “Our proprietary intelligent procurement, automated scheduling, digital payments, quality assurance functionalities and more will be used to ensure service segments are dependable, accountable and efficient; resulting in increased revenue and profitability for our partners,” said Kaodim’s Co-Founder and Group Managing Director Jeffri Cheong.

“We have always believed that the technology we developed can be valuable beyond residential cleaning, air-con repair and plumbing. Working with an innovative and forward-looking company like UEM Edgenta is a great way for us to leverage our product to radically digitise and innovate the maintenance and repairs industry,” he added.

We look forward to this partnership with UEM Edgenta.

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