Gawin on GCash 

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In December 2020, Gawin partnered with GCash – one of the leading Mobile Wallets in the Philippines. Made accessible through Google Play or the App Store, GCash is a huge part of the lives of users in the Philippines, with 38M+ customers in the region. As a friendly mobile wallet, Gcash offers a complete ecosystem enabling access points to users across a variety of everyday needs such as carrying out bill payments, money or bank transfers, online shopping, movie bookings, and many more. 

Recently, GCash developed a new in-app feature called GLife; which houses mini-apps from multiple brands that appear inside a user’s GCash Dashboard. This feature enables users to make any payment transactions with GCash’s trusted merchants through a much faster process. Following this, this partnership allows Gawin to be featured on the GLife site, where GCash users can easily download, search and browse our current services and view our latest promotions.  

With the many benefits that come with this partnership, Gawin wishes to expose the brand to more users by partnering with GLife and to provide easy seamless access to the Gawin app through Glife with fast and convenient cashless payment options, all in one platform. The exposure for this partnership is extended to GCash’s social channels – on Instagram itself, a total of 112k followers and 2.6M page likes on Facebook. A close partnership with GCash allows Gawin services to be made available to more customers with the deals made available.

This partnership benefits both the brands as we continue to work together to find ways to increase the number of mutual-benefit exchange programmes for both brands and customers alike, and we already have two upcoming campaigns in-store. 

Gawin believes that especially during this pandemic season, it is important to have continuous efforts to enhance user experience and keep customers interested and connected at whichever channels they are most familiar with. Thus, we are grateful to join hands with a renowned brand that allows us to serve more customers in the times to come.