Improving Homes with Mr Muscle

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Kaodim is happy to announce that from January 2021, we have partnered with Mr Muscle for six months to upgrade our house cleaning service experiences within Klang Valley.

Mr Muscle is a known product by SC Johnson, a manufacturer of household cleaning products and products for home storage headquartered in the United States, operating in more than 70 countries including Malaysia. With the goodwill of people in mind, SC Johnson strives to create a better and healthier lifestyle for all. 

At Kaodim, we keep our core values at the forefront of our minds every day, whether we are brainstorming new ideas or finding solutions to a particular problem. Some of our core values are; (1) We obsess over every detail of the customer experience, (2) Be creative as we keep finding new ways to make the product better, (3) Hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and performance. In light of these values, we believe that this partnership would help with continuous growth and development for both brands and be beneficial to the end customers.

This partnership is significantly relevant during this period. Maintaining good daily personal hygiene is especially important. “Cleanliness, hygiene and basic sanitization are essential during this pandemic. By working together with Mr Muscle, we are getting closer to making our daily lives safer.” – Jeffri Cheong, Co-Founder, Group Managing Director.

Through this partnership, we aim to reach 15,000 households in Malaysia across all of our house cleaning services and gear towards providing better products and improving customer experience. Together, we are creating awareness on the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene, especially during the pandemic by using reliable and quality products, introducing Mr Muscle’s products and their benefits through each service.

Mr Muscle has provided us with four cleaning products which are Mr Muscle’s toilet bowl cleaner, fresh discs, bathroom cleaner, and multi-purpose cleaner where each product comes with its own fragrance type. 

Mr Muscle’s products are friendly for all households. This partnership is able to uplift the quality of cleaning services especially during this pandemic season and thus provide peace of mind to homes during these tough times. As a way to inform and raise awareness on Mr Muscle’s products to customers who are still new to the brand, our service providers will give out physical flyers to customers after a service where customers can read more and better understand Mr Muscle’s products. Our cleaning team have undergone product training beforehand to understand the product and its usages. With this, we hope to provide the ideal customer experience and quality service. 

Through our most recent customer survey conducted from January to May 2021, results showed that approximately 75% of the customers said they would likely purchase Mr Muscle’s cleaning products and recommend them to friends and family.