Kaodim partners with Schneider Electric to improve our electrical services.

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In August 2020, the partnership between Kaodim and Schneider Electric commenced. Schneider is a B2B company that provides energy and automation digital solutions that are efficient and sustainable. They are leading the digital transformation of energy management and automation in homes, buildings, data centres, infrastructure and industries.

Thanks to Schneider, we can bring value-added benefits for our vendors while simultaneously improving the quality of our electrical services for our customers. Part of the day to day business of a vendor involves sourcing and purchasing parts and materials to be used for their services. With this partnership, our vendors can gain access to a supply of Schneider products. Some of these products include circuit breakers, switches and sockets in an array of designs and colours to suit our customers’ needs.

This is an important aspect of a vendor’s job as the quality of parts will affect the overall quality of their services and their customers’ experience. Having this supply of parts from Schneider helps lessen the burden of our vendors having to source for quality parts and also ensures that our customers get the best quality during their services. These parts are safer and last longer which will improve the long term safety and happiness of our customers.

Through this partnership, our vendors are also able to sign up for a free mySchneider Electrician account and as a Kaodim vendor, they can earn extra rewards and benefits. Upon registration through the Schneider app, vendors will receive Touch ‘n Go credits worth RM 10. When vendors purchase Schneider goods, they can earn more Touch ‘n Go credits. If vendors purchase above a certain amount of goods, they can also get a free power tool worth RM 260. This has allowed our vendors to earn some extra credits and get more out of their money through their purchases. 

Our vendors are the heartbeat of the company and their growth is important to us. We are grateful for the value that Schneider has brought to our vendors and in turn our customers. Our vendors were able to source quality goods while earning extra credits and our customers benefited with overall better quality services. We appreciate partnering like this that can better the day-to-day experience of our vendors and are looking forward to having more partnerships like this.

*This partnership has ended.