Jeffri Cheong, co-founder and group managing director, in Malaysia Tech Month’s Digital Disruption Week

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Our co-founder and group managing director, Jeffri Cheong, was recently invited to participate in the recent Malaysia Tech Month’s Digital Disruption Week organised by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). 

Jeffri shares his insight on partnerships and digital adoption trends across South East Asia regions from his personal experiences with Kaodim. He first highlights how crucial partnerships are in scaling any business. He talks about the importance of being clear, transparent and honest about the goals and objectives of both parties for entering a partnership whether it is a marketing-based partnership to acquire new customers or an innovative driven partnership to develop new technologies. Jeffri also touched on the importance of the culture of the company in building a successful partnership. Getting everyone involved despite diverging personalities, perspectives or interests and having open communication will help solve any issues that may arise in a partnership.         

Jeffri also spoke about digital adoption and how that has affected his business. He notes that user behaviour has changed rapidly over the last seven years since launching his business. For more insights into partnerships and digital adoption, check out the video below: